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Band Of Brothers
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 New Brotherhood, New Account!

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New Brotherhood, New Account! Empty
PostSubject: New Brotherhood, New Account!   New Brotherhood, New Account! Icon_minitimeWed Jul 30, 2008 6:06 pm

It's sad to see the old brotherhood forum gone like that. Crying or Very sad
Then, "everybody" were like OMG? keekiat, apa terjadi dengan forum? what happen to the forum? LOL. I explain to them then they orhh, macam itu. ohh like that arh? ok la, nvm. LOL.

But, I consider that old brotherhood forum as my testing forum. It was my first time in moderating a forum and creating one. I am now far more experienced? I guess? LOL!

So, I did not give up Brotherhood! After days of my hardwork, the new Brotherhood is here! I wish you guys are happy to hear this!

Don't like your old username? Don't worry! Create new one now in this new Brotherhood! A new start for everybody, including me! If you need help in creating new account, don't hesitate to request it here. I will help you immediately! Yes, "IMMEDIATELY"! Damn serious. LOL!

New brotherhood? Hence, SPREAD IT! It's now quite completed.
Here's the link ---> [][/url]
You are advised only spread to our friends and not strangers like internet friends or someone that you actually don't know at all. This is to keep the community clean and nice.

That's all for my welcome note.
Enjoy your stay, have fun!

~ K33 Admin ~
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New Brotherhood, New Account!
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